Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Appletons May 1980 National Lampoon Classic!

B.K.'s artwork and storyline in this May 1980 National Lampoon are the stuff of legends. Mr. Taylor's fine attention to night shading is as perfect as I've ever seen in this classic of
The Appletons.


  1. Also Loved Timberland Tales!

  2. I'll second that comment about Timberland Tales!
    For years now, I've been hoping that there was a collection of Appletons and Timberland Tales published, somewhere. I'm still looking. I guess I'll continue to do so, both of those strips gave me plenty of laughs when everything around was too heavy to deal with.
    So thanks, Mr. Taylor. Great work, and timeless. (Please publish a compendium....)

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    2. Hi Greg, Just wanted to say thank you for that amazing comment you wrote about my father BK Taylor... I am his daughter Lauren Taylor.. And just saw this blog for the first time I've never seen this little site before.. I want to make sure to pass this on to my father because sometimes people will Write about him.. And he may not have seen it... I just wanted to let you know that he is currently work working on a book of all of his collaborations!! We are very excited! I grew up watching him draw in his studio!! He is the most handsome man in the world in my eyes!!:)

    3. I am hoping that that book comes out soon. I like all of his work, and I must tell you how under rated the Appleton's was. That strip was the pre Simpsons, family guy and American Dad, with some of the best wit ever. Get that book out there the time is right...

  3. The appletons really needs to be available to the public it's awesome