Sunday, June 27, 2010

B.K. Taylor's Baseball's Greatest Grossouts Cards

Incredibly sweet artwork and some very slick packaging makes for a very much sought after product!

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Flickr Member The Damn Mushroom for supplying these pics of some classic B.K. Taylor artwork!

Classic B.K. Taylor Sick Magazine Spoof Issue!

In our household, magazines like National Lampoon, Sick, Mad Magazine, Eerie Comics, along with Crawdaddy, Mother Jones, The New Yorker and many others, were monthly staples.
Many were mailed to us by subscription and we knew which days of the month to be around the mailbox.

After seeing this B.K. Taylor cover for Sick magazine, Dad said, "Incredible! I call it 'Them Crazy Kids on Their Murder-Psychos'. This guy's brilliant!!!"

Dad was rarely wrong, and several copies of this particular issue of Sick were purchased. (No, you can't have mine, I'm keeping it forever, lol.)

How can you see an image like this and not be moved toward laughter?

Look at the bold colors, the confident direction, the full character development and the entire 'Devil May Care' attitude of this piece and tell me that it's not hilarious. (I'll check for a pulse if you think otherwise.)

Mr. Taylor's artwork has consistantly brought smiles to the faces of so many people and I'm proud to have shared his artwork with so many of our friends.
People who never laugh out loud have laughed when seeing and reading his artwork.
'Timberland Tales' is the best cartoon strip ever created, in my opinion and strikes a major chord in all people, especially Canadians.
Incidentally, Mr. Taylor has lived in Canada and knows all about Canadian living and all of our quirky customs.
My Mom used this piece of Mr. Taylor's artwork in the elementary school first aid station to calm down kids who'd fallen off their little scooters. She'd point to his artwork during their hysterics, real or imagined, and the tears always stopped.
You don't always get that kind of reaction with Sesame Street...

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to have received a telephone call from Mr. Taylor this fine June day after a nice long hike in Edmonton's Rundle Park and it sure was an experience talking with him! He is a vibrant and energetic man, much like his inspiring artwork, which we will be seeing even more of in the future with the new book coming out sooner than expected.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a telephone conversation as much, and it was a pleasure and an honor to talk with him.

Thank you Mr. Taylor!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wrong Right of Passage' Featuring Foamy The Rabid Dog

Just received this 'Timberland Tales: The Wrong Right of Passage' from Mr. Taylor a scant few moments ago. This is one of our all-time favorites, and features Foamy The Rabid Dog in an unforgetable tale that makes folks laugh time and again.
Mr. Taylor's attention to detail is sheer brilliance.
If the opening line 'Many African and Indian societies still practice the ritual of circumcision' doesn't get your interest, nothing ever will.
Thank you again Kind Sir!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The always excellent 'Milkman' character from 'Zero Heroes'. Great character development, you can almost see what Milkman is thinking... Here's Milkman's story.

'Accidentally pasteurized to death in a freak accident, milk delivery man Elmer deCow became 'The Milkman'. Soon, quarts of milk popped up mysteriously all over town as the Milkman made his rounds. Unfortunately, he began making mistakes, leaving half-gallons instead of quarts, buttermilk instead of skim milk. Readers became disgusted with his poor service, and Milkman was "moooved' to greener pastures.' Number 8 in the Zero Hero Series.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rare Uncle Kunta...To Be Continued...

In the arena of the politically correct world, Mr. Taylor pulls no punches and takes no dives. This classic Uncle Kunta demonstrates the artist's fine attention to shading (no pun intended) and finely detailed character features. Many subtle nuances can be found in each panel of Mr. Taylor's artwork.

Truly a timeless page from a masterful artist!

1990 Classic B.K.Taylor 'The Appletons' Artwork!

Mr. Taylor is pure genius in this classic 1990 visit from Norm's Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Portrait of B.K. Taylor & More Great News!

This is a great photograph of Mr. Taylor, which we were most grateful to receive, along with some of his original scanned artwork.
Thank you Kind Sir!

More 'Timberland Tales' pages to come, along with the rare treat of the huge fan favorite 'Uncle Kunta'(!) which also highlights the freedom and brilliance of his artwork during those halcyon days (and nights...) of the 1980's.

Your time and effort are so very much appreciated Mr. Taylor.

We look forward to the upcoming book release of National Lampoon Artwork!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Book With B.K. Taylor's Artwork is Coming!

Timberland Tales 'A Christmas Carol' Illustration
with Maurice as Tiny Tim & Foamy, on his best behavior...

Copyright 1985 B.K. Taylor Artwork

As every boy should have a dog, B.K. gave Maurice a skinny, long earred canine, aptly named, Foamy.

Foamy got his name because it was more than apparent he had rabies. In our opinion, Foamy's addition to Timberland Tales is akin to the Fonz taking over Happy Days. Only Foamy never jumped the shark, and we never got tired of his appearances in Timberland tales.

Mr. Taylor sent us an email yesterday and shared with us that a brand new National Lampoon Book of Artwork is being compiled as you read this wonderful news. He also plans to share his artwork and stories with us, when time permits.

So let all of your B.K. Taylor & National Lampoon aficionados know that an incredible book of featuring fantastic artwork will soon be available!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In The Beginning...

B.K. Taylor has inspired me since the first time I was handed a stack of National Lampoon magazines one very vivid 1970's summer. We were all highly amused and somewhat jaded teenagers during those years, guitars and skateboards took up much of any free time we had.

That stack of National Lampoons made the rounds that summer, clearly the best summer we ever had as kids.

No other comics strip has ever made me laugh out loud more than B.K. Taylor's. Even complete strangers to his work have had to sit down in order to compose themselves, I've been able to do this for years merely by handing people an old Nat Lamp, folded to one of his Timberland Tales Classics.

Therein lies the true magic of Mr. Taylor's artwork.

His ability to produce hearty laughter in even some of the most canterous folks...

Anyone can write something that can move someone to cry; it is infinitely easier to move a soul to tears than to laughter.

However, moving a person to tears because of their laughter is a more powerful form of that very same B.K. Taylor Magic I've previously mentioned..

I hope to have on this modest fan site each panel of Timberland Tales and The Appletons that B.K. Taylor ever produced for National Lampoon magazine. Each strip was featured in alternate issues of Nat Lamp.

This page is from the June 1979 Kids Issue of National Lampoon. It is one of everyone's favorites, Mr. Taylor is in top notch form!
Click on this link to see it in all it's fantastic detailed glory :)

All right to the artwork are owned solely by the artist and human being, B.K. Taylor.

(So don't try anything funny...)

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