Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Book With B.K. Taylor's Artwork is Coming!

Timberland Tales 'A Christmas Carol' Illustration
with Maurice as Tiny Tim & Foamy, on his best behavior...

Copyright 1985 B.K. Taylor Artwork

As every boy should have a dog, B.K. gave Maurice a skinny, long earred canine, aptly named, Foamy.

Foamy got his name because it was more than apparent he had rabies. In our opinion, Foamy's addition to Timberland Tales is akin to the Fonz taking over Happy Days. Only Foamy never jumped the shark, and we never got tired of his appearances in Timberland tales.

Mr. Taylor sent us an email yesterday and shared with us that a brand new National Lampoon Book of Artwork is being compiled as you read this wonderful news. He also plans to share his artwork and stories with us, when time permits.

So let all of your B.K. Taylor & National Lampoon aficionados know that an incredible book of featuring fantastic artwork will soon be available!


  1. When---- I can hardly wait!
    Gave away my Lampoons when I moved, missed Foamy ever since.

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  3. Please, please, PLEASE assemble the adventures of The Appletons into one beautiful volume. Just got a National Lampoon annual and they weren't mentioned (as far as I could see). Loved Mr. appleton sooooo much. The cheekiest, naughtiest, and most dangerous father imaginable. Never forget when the paperboy meets and they go for a, ummm, ride together.