Friday, June 4, 2010

In The Beginning...

B.K. Taylor has inspired me since the first time I was handed a stack of National Lampoon magazines one very vivid 1970's summer. We were all highly amused and somewhat jaded teenagers during those years, guitars and skateboards took up much of any free time we had.

That stack of National Lampoons made the rounds that summer, clearly the best summer we ever had as kids.

No other comics strip has ever made me laugh out loud more than B.K. Taylor's. Even complete strangers to his work have had to sit down in order to compose themselves, I've been able to do this for years merely by handing people an old Nat Lamp, folded to one of his Timberland Tales Classics.

Therein lies the true magic of Mr. Taylor's artwork.

His ability to produce hearty laughter in even some of the most canterous folks...

Anyone can write something that can move someone to cry; it is infinitely easier to move a soul to tears than to laughter.

However, moving a person to tears because of their laughter is a more powerful form of that very same B.K. Taylor Magic I've previously mentioned..

I hope to have on this modest fan site each panel of Timberland Tales and The Appletons that B.K. Taylor ever produced for National Lampoon magazine. Each strip was featured in alternate issues of Nat Lamp.

This page is from the June 1979 Kids Issue of National Lampoon. It is one of everyone's favorites, Mr. Taylor is in top notch form!
Click on this link to see it in all it's fantastic detailed glory :)

All right to the artwork are owned solely by the artist and human being, B.K. Taylor.

(So don't try anything funny...)

B.K. Taylor Fans For Life!

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  1. My favourite one is when they accidently ingest LSD.

    -Fat Freddies Cat